About us

Our long experience taught us that our guests appreciate the quality and the authenticity of the dishes. For that reason, using fresh and local produce is one of our top priorities.

We acquire the produce from mother nature – surrounding forests and the sea. Although our dishes have evolved over the years, the charcoal barbecue is the timeless base. Over time, we have created new signature dishes, such as the squid soup, excellent fish, or wild game steaks. Roasted potatoes have become our guests’ favourite side dish.

We are truly motivated by the fact that the number of our guests is increasing, and you repeatedly come back for more! We believe that there is no good culinary experience without hospitality. We are looking forward to seeing you (again :))!

See you soon!

We acquire the produce from mother nature – surrounding forests and the sea.

Our story



Hello our dear guests and friends!

It has been a long time since our restaurant was opened in 1994. Today, the place is ran by the second generation of Wichłacz family. The story begins in Kołobrzeg, a charming town famous for fish and chips shops and catering focused mainly on tourists. The mother and the father of the family, both experienced in food service, came to a conclusion that the seaside lacks a restaurant with a unique character, that would stand out from the rest. That is how they came up with the idea to open the GrillHouse!

To this day together with the family name, there is also heart and soul put into every dish. Our guests’ happiness is our main goal!

It is hard to believe how our restaurant has developed over the years – starting from the times when the staff consisted mostly of the family members and our friends, and today, with over 20 people on board. Our whole team creates this place in a friendly, family atmosphere.

Moreover, it turned out that our location on the outskirts of the town is our restaurant’s advantage. It is just easier to unwind having a meal with your friends away from the hustle and bustle.

Over the years, we have established high standards, so much appreciated by our guests. Our values are continuously cherished and preserved by our chefs and waiting staff.